The Century Ride

Saturday-Sunday, July 15-16, 2017

The idea for the Century Ride came from Jack Abeyta, who heard about some chapters of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America running such events. We have invited the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the AMCA to join us in this. The basic idea of the Century Ride is simple:

You do not need to qualify for a patch in order to ride this event, but you do need to meet the standard eligibility rules that apply for the Old Bike Ride:

It is not required to ride a Norton on this event, but points toward The President's Award will be given on the usual basis, except that the event will count for double points in light of it's extended duration and distance.

The Route

The route begins at the home of Eric Bergman: 1900 19th St.,Golden, CO 80401

The official start time is 9:00 AM. If you want to head out earlier or later, or from a different starting point, please coordinate with the organizers ahead of time so we know who is on the road.

The route is divided into two approximately equal days of about 250 miles. The route for the 2017 edition is still being designed, but the overnight on July 15 will be in Gunnison, based at the ABC Motel. You are strongly urged to reserve a room as soon as possible, and you should mention you are with Norton Colorado.

Riding Style

We expect a range of machinery and riders with quite different performance capabilities. The Century Ride is not a parade. Riders can ride at their own pace and we expect them to self-organize in small groups of riders who are riding at a similar pace. On the other hand, the Century Ride is not a race; there is no prize for arriving at the destination first. However there are many Public Safety Officers along the route who will be happy to give out Performance Awards.

Sag Wagon

We will attempt to arrange for a chase vehicle which can carry a reasonable amount of personal gear for riders, as well as provide assistance in the event of a breakdown, but it is not guaranteed. Riders should plan to carry all their own personal gear, as well as the tools and spares that might be needed on a long ride. It is highly advised to carry rain gear, as there is always a good chance of heavy afternoon storms in the mountains at this time of year.


Q: Do I have to be a member of Norton Colorado to do The Century Ride?
A: No. The only requirement is on the age of the motorcycle, as noted above (1980 model year or older) We will even award patches to non-members if the rider's age and that of the motorcycle add up to 100+.

Q: What if my bike breaks down and I don't complete the route?
A: If you make 500 miles before breaking down (and you otherwise qualify), you still get a patch. In this situation, you can count the mileage from your home to the starting point towards the 500 miles.

Q: Do I have to follow the exact route to get a patch?
A: Not necessarily, in consideration of the fact that some participants live far from Denver. That will be decided by the organizers, on a case-by-case basis.

For further information, contact Jack Abeyta

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