Norton Colorado Members

This page lists all current members of Norton Colorado. Some of the entries contain links to information about those members: photos, biographies, contact info, motorcycle interests, fetishes, whatever. The purpose is to put more of a human face on the club, because the comradeship that develops among the members is more important than the mechanical obsessions that ostensibly unite us. The coverage is uneven because it is a time-consuming job to build the individual member pages and also because I don't know all of them well enough (alas) to construct a suitable web page. In those cases I have to depend on the members themselves to provide most of the information, and some of them are, well… shy. If you're not shy, send me some text in an e-mail that I can use to accompany the embarrassing pictures I have of you. Or send some good pictures!

This list reflects the membership information I have on March 20, 2017. Please let me know if you see any mistakes.

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