Norton Colorado Home Page

Norton Colorado Home Page

Norton Colorado is a loosely-organized group of people who are united by their interest in Norton motorcycles. Norton Colorado is affiliated with the International Norton Owners Association. The club operates under a Charter, but in reality we rarely have formal meetings or votes. Decisions are normally reached by consensus among those interested enough to take part. Most of our members live in the Denver area, but we have members scattered throughout the rest of Colorado, in other states, and other countries.

The activities of the club are focused on restoring and maintaining Norton motorcycles for use in the real world, in other words, “ride ’em, don’t hide ’em”. Norton Colorado members tend to take pleasure in modifying their Nortons to suit their own views about style, performance, and reliability.

Norton motorcycle ownership is not a requirement for membership in Norton Colorado. We have members who ride other marques, both modern and vintage, and members who do not ride at all. All we expect is a reasonable degree of respect for the history of the marque and the distinctive motorcycles Norton produced over many decades.


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