The Norton Colorado Newsletter

The club publishes a newsletter almost every month, which may be received by members as a paper copy, or by down-loading a PDF file from this website. We are strongly encouraging members to enjoy the PDF version if they have internet access. The on-line version has the following advantages:

  • You’ll receive it sooner than the paper version
  • It saves the club money for printing and postage, money which can be spent for a better band at the Winter Banquet
  • The graphics are in color and in higher resolution
  • It saves trees, which make oxygen for us to burn in our Nortons

Speaking of graphics, the Norton Colorado Newsletter is distinctive (perhaps notorious) for it’s occasional presentation of humor and graphics which some persons would undoubtedly find objectionable. You have been warned!

The newsletter benefits greatly from contributions of material by members and even non-members. If you have something that you’d like to share with the club, you are encouraged to contact the Editor.

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