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Recent issues of the Norton Colorado Newsletter are archived here in PDF format. A few words about ethical usage of this archive

I am now posting the newsletter in only one resolution, intermediate between the low and hi-rez versions I used to post.

You need a program that can read PDF format to view these files. There are many programs that can do this, but Adobe’s Acrobat Reader is probably the most widely used. It is freely distributed.

By clicking the links below, your browser will initiate a file transfer of the PDF file. Depending on how your web browser is configured, it may download the PDF file directly to your hard drive (but don’t ask me where), or it may display the newsletter in your browser using a PDF viewer plug-in. In that case, you can save the file to disk by clicking a button (look for one with a diskette icon) in your browser. If it displays in your browser and you quit the browser without saving the file, you will probably have to download it again if you want to go back to it. A note about downloading problems.

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Older Editions

Contact the webmaster if you are interested in older editions.


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