West Slope Norton Riders


West Slope Norton Riders

Norton Colorado was always intended to cover the interests of Norton riders statewide, but in fact the heavy concentration of members in the Denver area has inevitably led to dominance of the interests of that subset of the membership. Perhaps the most obvious result of this is that most of the club’s events have been along the Front Range, making it difficult for members on the western slope to participate and earn valuable President’s Points.

We have recently taken steps to improve this situation by establishing the West Slope Norton Riders (WSNR) as a subset, or perhaps a special interest group, of Norton Colorado. This group is not a new club or chapter, but rather a self-organized group of Norton Colorado members in the western part of the state who organize events that they can more easily attend. The events that are particularly theirs are indicated on the Meetings page by a distinct color. We want to emphasize however that this distinction is only made to assist WSNR members to spot the events in their neck of the woods. All events in the list are open to all members of Norton Colorado.

There is no separate membership for the West Slope Norton Riders. The leadership team of Norton Colorado includes a representative of the WSNR.

Membership information for Norton Colorado is found here

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