Presidents Award

The President’s Award

The Norton Colorado President’s Award was devised by Dave Webster when he was president of the club, as a way to increase participation in club events, and especially to encourage people to ride their Nortons.

The award is given at the Winter Banquet each year in February, the beginning of our year. Until 2020 it was given to the member who had accumulated the most President’s Points, which are issued on the basis of participation in official club events during the previous club year, especially while riding a Norton. The details of scoring are no longer of importance because as of 2022 we have switched to a different approach: the Current Occupant selects the winner for the club season just past. This new philosophy makes it possible to celebrate members who serve the club in ways that are not easily quantified.

Past Winners

The President’s Award Rules

We publish the rules concerning the President’s Award for the benefit of newer members and also for older members whose memory is on the decline

The President’s Award will be given at the Winter Banquet to the member who has accumulated the most points, which are issued on the basis of participation in official club events during the previous “Club Year”, which begins with the Winter Banquet in early February. The President himself is ineligible for the award, although we will keep a tally on him.

You score 5 points for riding a Norton to one of our official events, 2 points for riding any other brand of motorcycle, 1 point for driving, taking the bus, walking, or whatever. Full points (5) are scored if you host a club event. Passengers on motorcycles earn the same score as the rider. “Riding a Norton” means arriving at the meeting, riding an operational Norton. The trailer may not be visible from the meeting site. We make an exception to the visible trailer rule for long-distance events such as the Four Corners Rendezvous.

Two (2) extra points are awarded for paying the entry fee and showing your Norton at the English Conclave. Four (4) extra points are awarded for entering and winning a ribbon. We award 5 points for attending an INOA Rally, even without a motorcycle, and an additional 5 points if you ride a Norton at the Rally.

In recent years we have added another way to score points toward the President’s Award: solo Norton rides, for a which a single point is awarded with a maximum of one per day and a yearly maximum of 25. We leave it to you to decide what constitutes a “Norton ride”. To be credited with the points, however, you must inform the Secretary about it. A claim for a solo ride should include a date, even if you have to approximate it.

The President is the sole arbiter of disputes over points awards. Rules changes are not retroactive.

Periodically we will review the scores from the previous month’s event(s), update the tally of points and publish it in the newsletter.

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